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Rotary Accumulating Table

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The PackRite Rotary Accumulating Table is designed to collect the overflow from a packaging production line to keep your operation running smoothly. The 48-inch diameter formica tabletop provides ample space for package collection. It rotates three complete turns per minute, and allows personnel the necessary "time out" for packing without stopping the production.

The Rotary Accumulating Table is ideal for collecting bags, cartons, boxes, tubes and other packing materials. Height is adjustable from 28 to 41 inches (from the floor), so it fits right in with other packaging production line equipment. Smooth, effortless rotation is assured by the needle thrust bearing. A vertical mounting hub welded to a steel plate is bolted to the tabletop to assure stability of the table during use.

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Formica Tabletop Diameter (Standard)

48 in


3 rpm


Bags, Cartons, Tubes and other packaging materials

Height from Floor (Adjustable)

28 to 41 in

Motor Output Torque

50 in·lb

Load Limit Test

Continuous ammeter test shows no motor overload with distributed loads up to 500 lbs.

Cord Length

12 ft

Plug Type



Almond Powder Coating
1 Optional speeds available, up charge.

  • Package Guide Arm to keep packages toward center of table
  • Outside Rim Lip to prevent packages from falling off table
  • Tabletop diameters other than 48" quoted on request
  • Speeds other than 3 RPM quoted on request

  • 48" Diameter Formica Tabletop will collect as much as 500 lbs. of packages from production line overflow
  • Package Guide Arm moves items to center of table
  • 3 revolutions per minute standard, other speeds available
  • 12' Heavy-Duty Cord with standard 3-prong plug for safety and durability
  • Adjustable Height from 28" to 41" (floor to tabletop)
  • Almond Powder Coating