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Poly Motor Jaw Sealer Model PMJ

Poly Motor Jaw Sealer Model PMJ

The PackRite Poly Motor Jaw Sealer is a versatile, motorized heat sealing machine that provides either continuous automatic or intermittent stop/start cycling with the flip of a switch. In the automatic mode, up to 30 packages per minute can be sealed. In the intermittent mode, the machine can be controlled by foot pedal stop/start cycling.

In both modes, dwell time and pressure are machine-controlled for uniformity, so there's no guesswork. On machines without adjustable dwell, the only adjustment required is to the thermostat, which can be set at any sealing temperature up to 550ºF. The heated upper jaw and unheated lower jaw are both covered with a bar cover to assure instant seal release.

Because it's motorized, sealing ...
Poly Jaw Sealer Model PJ (FPolySlr)

Poly Jaw Sealer Model PJ

The PackRite Poly Jaw Sealer is a dependable, easy-to-use jaw-type sealer operated by foot-pedal. A heavy-duty, sheathed heating element provides uniform heat distribution to achieve a high quality seal. The machine's adjustable thermostat permits accurate temperature control, further assuring superior seal integrity.

The sealer is designed for use on heat sealable materials up to 8 mils thick, including polyethylene and similar plastic bag materials. A Teflon® impregnated surface between the sealing bars prevents film materials from sticking.

The machine comes with seal widths of 1/8" (for 2 mil and under material), or 3/8". The integrity of the flat seal itself is actually stronger than the material being ...
Robot Jaw Sealer Model RTP (FRobot)

Robot Jaw Sealer Model RTP

Poly Sealer & Thermo Sealer
The PackRite Robot Air-Operated Jaw Sealer is a pneumatic-powered heat sealer that is available in two models.

The Model RTP was developed for lab use and is ideal for medical applications. The machine seals medical pouches, (Tyvek®/poly), polyethylene foils and dustcover without changing any sealing variables or controls and matches pouch manufacturers seals. The Model RTP meets FDA standards for record ability of temperature, pressure and dwell.

Heat is regulated by a digital time portioning controller. Its calibrated dial has heat settings up to 600ºF with an accuracy of ± 1/4% of full scale. A digital electric timer varies the dwell period from 0.01 to a maximum of 99.99 ...